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Shouguang vegetable Bo, a Thai Tour Staff

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  In April 20, 2014, the fifteenth session of Shouguang Vegetable Fair grand opening. Company thank and encourage employees to work hard, let employees to relax in life, enhance exchanges and understanding, especially in the April 26 (Saturday), April 27 (Sunday) two days organize employee collective free tour Food Fair will.   On the day of the event, although the weather is cool, but we are not interested, employees six thirty on time from the company to take the shuttle bus departure to the Food Expo.   To reach the destination, in all directions, the influx of tourists, crowded, Captain stressed the discipline, safety, time and other matters needing attention, people in small groups to form teams, began to move freely.   No. 1 to No. ten exhibition hall, were left into Thai staff enjoy smile and lingering shadow. Although happy moments are always brief, but beautiful moments we can freeze.
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